How to Keep Your Renovation on Time

When it comes time to start a renovation, one of the #1 questions we’re asked is how long will it take. Obviously there can be unforeseen circumstances that can delay a project like faulty electric behind the drywall, permit delays or a pest problem that has to be taken care of before proceeding. However, barring these issues, most projects stay on a timeline that is outlined with our customers beforehand. But, you as the homeowner can do your part to make sure the project stays on time with these tips.

  1. Make sure your materials are ready to go: If your contractor is asking you to supply anything for your renovation, such as light fixtures or a vanity for a bathroom renovation or cabinets for a kitchen, make sure you have all of these supplies ready when the contractor is ready to get started. There is nothing more frustrating for all parties involved than having to sit around and look at a half done kitchen because the cabinets you wanted didn’t get ordered in time. If you’re planning a renovation, start looking into what cabinets or tile you may want before you say yes to the contractor. This way you have enough time to get what you want and can keep the project moving.
  2. Stay out of the area: If your bathroom has been ripped apart and the contractor has it blocked off with plastic to keep dust out of the rest of your home, keep out of the room! By going into a room that has been purposefully blocked off, you may disturb work in progress or even ruin something. With tile flooring for example, you can’t walk it for a minimum of 12 hours but usually the contractor wants you to wait 24 hours. If you walk on it too soon you can ruin the new tile and that will set the timeline back as the contractor now has to go back and fix it. So if you’re told to stay out, stay out to keep on track.
  3. Factor in the weather: When deciding on a home improvement project, the weather can play a huge role. Colder months are better for indoor renovations but cold weather brings its own set of issues. Understand that sometimes based on your location, snow and ice can play a part in a renovation just as much as paint colors. In the spring and summer, excessive heat and rainy days can also hamper progress. Keep this in mind when planning your renovation projects and know that your contractor will do everything they can to combat the elements and get your project done on time but sometimes, Mother Nature wins.
  4. Be realistic with your expectations: Renovating a space isn’t nearly as fast as TV likes to have you believe. The average bathroom renovation can take anywhere from 3 days to 3 weeks depending on what you’re doing. Understand that when you watch a 1 hour home improvement show on TV, they leave out a lot of steps and don’ usually show you how much time elapsed. Have a realistic expectation about the time line and keep in contact with your contractor so any snags in the time line can be discussed right away so there are fewer surprises for everyone.

The renovation process can be long and sometimes seem never ending. However, if you do everything on your part to keep the project rolling, your contractor should hit fewer snags. Enjoy the planning and purchasing the new items for your home. It’ll all be over before you know it.