Heat Loss Analysis Made Easy

Have you ever noticed in the winter that your house just seems cold no matter what? Have you ever felt a cold breeze coming in through a closed window or a sealed attic door? You may be losing heat due to old and outdated windows and doors. Instead of throwing your money away by cranking up the thermostat and hoping for the best, you should contact a local professional to carry out a heat loss analysis in your home.

What is a heat loss analysis you ask? It’s a pretty simple procedure. A professional will come to your home and use a thermal imaging camera to look around your home. They will look around your windows, doors and baseboards to see if heat is escaping through tiny holes or cracks. They’ll then use a mathematical calculation to tell you exactly how much heat you’re losing in your home. Once the analysis is complete and the contractor gives you the results they will present you with their recommendations on how to keep more heat inside of your home. Heating the outdoors sounds nice in the winter but in reality it’s just a money pit.

Your contractor will lay out all of the options they have come up with the aide in getting more heat to stay inside of your home. They will most likely recommend new windows to replace old ones. They may even need to remove the sheet rock around the window and re-insulate the wall. Insulation can break down over the years and become ineffective so there are times when replacing the insulation, re-installing the sheet rock and replacing a window are your best bet. In the event that you’re losing heat around your doors, your contractor will most likely recommend that you add rubber insulation around the jam of the door to make a tight seal. If you’re losing heat through an attic access door, adding foam insulation or rubber insulation around the perimeter of the door can make the seal tighter and keep cold air out of the home. Somewhere that people don’t realize can lost heat is around your baseboards. Sometimes a home has settled over the years and a crack can form between the foundation and the baseboard. This can be a structural issue so having a licensed contractor look it over is best. They may be able to fix it with foam insulation and new baseboard molding.

Either way, contacting a licensed professional, such as William Snyder Construction, is always a good idea. Heating your home can be extremely costly in the winter, especially if you’re losing heat. No one wants to throw their hard earned money out the window and that’s exactly what you’re doing when your home is losing heat. Contact William Snyder Construction today for a heat loss analysis and start keeping more of your money! Stay warm out there!

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