Custom Bathrooms

william-snyder-bathroom-8Bathrooms are often overlooked. The bath is your personal space. It should be comfortable and a place of solitude. For some, the ideal bath is a place for meditation and to stimulate the senses. For others, it could simply be a sign that says “No kids allowed”.

Bathtime is “me” time.

Take your time and think about your ideal bath:

  • Custom cabinetry means everything has a place.
  • Choose modern or classic fixtures and mirrors.
  • Custom floors that feel nice under bare feet, but handle water well.
  • Do you prefer big showers or cozy tubs, or both.
  • “His and her” sinks means sharing doesn’t need to be a competition.
  • Custom lighting bright enough for grooming, and soft enough to relax.

Your few minutes of private time should be custom designed for you, because the rest of your life may be chaos, and it’s just on the other side of the bathroom door.

And don't forget the bubbles

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