No More Construction Dust

HEPA compliant dust extractorGiving your interior a facelift can make your house feel more like your home, plus it can increase the value. But… all that construction dust can cause anyone to rethink a remodeling.

WS Design & Build Inc. introduces Dust Free Remodeling

Most companies close off work areas with plastic sheeting and tape. This doesn’t eliminate dust, it simply manages construction particles. It’s good, but not enough. Inevitably, the longer your construction project the more dust seeps into your living area.

The old solution… An expensive hotel stay.

The new solution… dust extraction technology.

William Snyder manages dust differently.

Each job site uses Festool portable dust extractor units. These high performance suction devices capture construction dust at the source. Sawdust, drywall dust, and ancient household dust that reappears during construction is no match for these HEPA compliant dust extractors.

Why do we bust the dust?

It keeps our clients happy and their homes safe, but that’s not our primary reason. Busting the dust also means that our valuable on-site workers don’t have to worry about inhaling potentially toxic dust, and we leave your home clean and safe for your family. Safety is our priority.

Our team wants to disrupt your home and your family as little as possible. Our team executes our building plan as quickly as possible, and we make every effort to reduce noise and construction dust.

Your new construction project or remodel should make your home more livable and enjoyable, without adding to disruption or discomfort.

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